Tuesday, April 7, 2009


As I was thinking today about the time we are in as it relates to the traditional Passover I found the title term of this blog.  I will provide a link at the end to read more.  I just posed the question to myself "what was Jesus doing on Tuesday before passover the year of his death?"  My favorite book is probably John and I knew the chapters 13-17 were about the events the night before he was crucifixion, so I backed up from there.  John 12:12  "The next day..." which would have meant it was 5 days before passover---Tuesday---today.  The triumphant entry into Jerusalem.  John 12:1 sates that six days before passover...".  He was anointed that day, and the next day was the entry into the city of David, Jerusalem.  
During that day the (Jewish passover) tradition is to search your home to find anything made with yeast to rid yourself and your household of it.  During that day a miracle happened.  John12:28--'"Father bring glory to your name."  Then a voice spoke from heaven saying, "I have already brought it glory, and I will do it again."'  Father had for the third time announced to the world that Jesus was his Son.  Then the last thing Jesus said that day "My light ...Believe in the light...and you will become children of the light.(Jn. 12:35-36)  
In thinking about the chometz, how are we to relate the search for yeast in our household?  The father of the house in the traditional passover celebration takes a candle and seaches throughout the house looking for anything non-kosher.  The big thing that they are looking for is anything made with yeast.  I immediatley think of "Beware the yeast of the pharisees...".  I believe that for me today I need to take the Light of Christ into the house of my heart and search for anything that is made of pride.  If anyone ever had the opportunity for pride it would be the Son of God himself, however, we see in John 13 He took off his robe and washed the diciples feet---even Judas his betrayers feet!  Jesus did not have to go searching his house for pride.  He was the fullfillment of humility.   Be Blesses---c    

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