Thursday, April 23, 2009


 I just thought everybody needed a good laugh today.  I know that I do.  When I first received The Father’s Love, I laughed for months.  I thought that I had been a pretty happy go-lucky person.  But God must have thought that I was way too serious.  One day after an encounter one morning in Spindale, NC, we went to a restaurant to have lunch.  The Spirit of God hit me so strong I could not speak.  I was laughing so hard that I could barely breath.  My wife had to tell the waitress that I was not messed up on something.  We just came from church.  We found out later that the town knew about the Spirit moving in that church.  Several people had been pulled over going home for DUI.  When the cop came up to the window and stuck his head in he would just say, ” Oh, you just got out of Evangel, try to keep it in the lines.”

   It seemed that the Lord wanted me to stop taking myself so serious.  If I started to “say grace”, I could not get much further than “Father”.  Then I would laugh.  Sometimes I could not stop long enough to eat.  Yesterday if you knew where I was in relation to this world there would be no way that I could possibly be laughing.  But I laughed and laughed and had such joy, and all I can say is THANK YOU FATHER!—Be Blessed—c

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