Saturday, May 9, 2009


I am not really going to do this compromise thing now but I would like to raise this question and see what the Lord has to say about Compromise.  This is a run-on sentence and I know it so relax.  Mr. Malphrus!  I will correct it if I see fit.  It is a mess.  Malphrus?  Did I even spell that right?  I had a dream about you last night.
You were talking about a literary work, and you said "You know what he means right?"
Sounds like Jesus providing the question to get us to the answer.  I did not get it in the dream, but if I had, then I would not need Faith.  I look up to Mr. Malphrus as a daddy.  He told me wisdom and he told me TRUTH.  I respect people like that---what a gift!  Thank you Mr. M for telling me the Truth in wisdom.  If I got everyone together that you had impacted the way you have me, then the 92 acres that Hillcrest High owned at the time would not hold us all.  I have had you on my mind.                                              ---  Be Blessed Mr. Malphrus---c

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