Thursday, May 21, 2009


Revelation knowledge changes things. We can hear things that stir us up inside and get excited, but if we do not have a "revelation" in our spirit that makes it truth to us, then we will not see the results. We can't try hard enough to get that revelation knowledge. We can only receive it by the Holy Spirit. Mat. 16:17 "You are blessed ...because My Father has revealed this to you. You did not learn this from any human being." He is talking about the declaration that Peter had just made about who Jesus is. "You are the Messiah, the son of the living God." Because Peter had REVELATION that Jesus was Messiah, then, "On this rock I will build my church." The church is built on the revelation knowledge that Jesus is Messiah, the only Son of God. Notice that Jesus did not say that Peter would build his Church. Jesus said I will build My Church. Isaiah 66:1 the Lord says "heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool. Could you ever build Me a temple as good as that?" Then he asks "Could you build a dwelling place for Me?"
Let us receive the Revelation of Jesus as The Christ, The Anointed One, and He will build His Church!---Be Blessed---c

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