Thursday, June 4, 2009


Graduation is a big thing. Last night I attended the graduation ceremony for my baby Anna Beth. I told her mother when she was born "we've got 18 years." I know that she feels that she has moved to another level, but I feel that my wife and I have also. It was very emotional seeing her cross that stage. It was very emotional knowing that our baby is finished with that stage of life. I had to also face the fact that as she moves to a new stage, we as parents move to a new and exciting stage of life. Graduates of the parents happened also. No more checking on report cards and such - they are on their own. Legally, 18 is adult-whether we or they know it.
Legally, when we accept Christ as our only way to The Father , we have graduated.
It is finished. No more tests to take. No more getting graded. We have passed with a 4.0. We are completely accepted in Christ. When we realize this, we will live more holy accidentally than we ever will on purpose.---be blessed---c

pics to follow

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