Sunday, July 12, 2009

transfiguration Elijah

Elijah was the first person to raise someone else from the dead. He was also the prophet to fulfill the prophecy of Moses. Some people think that Jesus was the fulfillment but as I read it I think that it was pointing to Elijah. The second half just doesn't sound like Jesus. The prophecy in Malachi says that Elijah will come again--the prophet that fulfilled the Moses prophecy--and did not experience death himself, but was taken up---will return before Messiah. After the disciples had seen Moses and Elijah AND THE GLORY of Messiah, and they heard the Voice from Heaven proclaiming Jesus as THE ONE, then they ask "why do the scribes say Elijah must come first?"
This is where you can really get messed up thinking with your mind and not the aid of Holy Ghost. "He is indeed coming first, in fact if you can see it, he has already come and was badly mistreated..."( this is not a direct quote).
They had just seen Elijah and recognized him--without any prompting. And they ask WHY do the teachers say that he must come first. Well, did Elijah not just show up to them? Jesus answered with He has come and is coming---. Jesus Has come and is Coming. Jesus was the first to raise Himself from the dead just as Elijah was the first to raise others. The Father gave Jesus that command. He gave His life and He took it up again. What happened before will happen again before the second coming of The Son of Man---that is word given to me a few years back, but the word will back that up.---Get ready the trump will blow soon and we will be called before that great and dreadful day of the Lord---Read Rev. 3:10 that was my word for the day.---Thank You Father that we as your children will be spared the trying of the earth!---be blessed---c

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