Thursday, July 23, 2009

transfiguration James

I thought I should mention the last member of the party on Transfiguration Mountain--James. This is not the James that wrote the book in our New Testament. That James was Jesus' half brother. This James was one of the "Sons of Thunder." I had to question why Him or why them--why these three. James did not write any books of the Bible--why was he chosen to see the Transfiguration? Luke 5: 8-11 Peter, James, and John were the first three disciples and they left everything and followed Him. They were the three that were there for the whole of His Ministry here on earth in a human body. They knew as much as any of His followers that he was a human, and they needed to SEE that He Is God.
I think that I may be doing a wrap-up of this series, but I'll have to see what Holy Ghost has up His sleeve.---be blessed---c

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