Thursday, December 30, 2010

trust me

Ann Burns said this morning, "If we Christians would just do what john 14 says.."  So I decided to make a list.

      Jesus said in John 14:

  1. Don't be troubled
  2. Trust God, Trust me
  3. Know:  a. He went to prepare a place for ME!  b. Jesus is THE WAY to get to the prepared place
  4. Jesus and Father God are ONE
  5. I have done Miracles and you(me-I) will do them and even bigger miracles
  6. We can ask anything in Jesus name and HE WILL DO IT!
  7. Obey my commandments ---a. love God above all else  b. love your neighbor as yourself
  8. Receive the Holy Spirit--who will teach you(me)everything and remind us of Jesus words
  9. I leave you with peace--DO NOT FEAR!
  10. Know:  Jesus said he would-he did-so believe in HIM!

   Sounds like the Ten Commandments of FAITH.  Really, faith is the only gift we have to give God.  Faith was the only way Abraham found approval with God.  Faith in Jesus is our ONLY WAY to Father God.

---be blessed---c

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