Monday, April 11, 2011

hearing and doing revisited

The doctrine of doing is very much a part of the church.  The video here by Joseph Prince speaks the truth that makes sense with The Gospel message. It is Finished---Jesus.
---be blessed---c


  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to let others know about the Gospel of Grace through Joseph Prince teachings! His book "Destined to Reign" has changed my life.

    I was already a radical Christian - radical about the LOVE of the Father, and the message of grace, but this book helped me go to a whole new level of knowing the heart of God! It has also helped me to rightly divide the Word of God and put so many things in perspective for me!

    Thanks again, Charles! You are helping with awakening the Body of Christ!

    Tricia / Simpsonville

  2. May I also add that Andrew Wommack is also a tremendous gift to the Body of Christ teaching amazing truths of the Gospel of Grace! I just saw that you have added links for his awesome website filled with FREE MESSAGES! His book, "You've already got it!" is incredible!!! Thanks again for taking time to make this blog!


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