Thursday, April 9, 2009

Maundy Thursday

We find the events that happened in Jesus life here on earth on this day in John 13-17. Events is probably not the right term. The out-pouring of God's will is really what happened. It started with Jesus washing His disciples feet, showing them what he was here to do and for an example to them as to what they are to do to receive that which he pours out to them in the following chapters. Jesus gives his inner circle the inside scoop on God's plan right here before He takes the sin of the world.
Jesus starts his outpouring with this---Don't be troubled, you believe God now believe Me. The first thing he said was to stop worrying, stop letting fear have its way with you, don't be troubled. That is a key to receiving what he says in the chapters to follow. Chapter 13 says to forgive, and the first verse of 14 says don't fear. The keys to the Kingdom are right here. Chapter 14 verse six gives us the first key, "I am the way, the truth and the life...".
God always announces ahead of time what is going to happen to bear witness of Himself. He does not do things in darkness (Is. 45:19) His Son here tells us that if He goes away He will come back to get us. And if He goes away He will not leave us alone. He will send The Comforter, and it is better for us that the Comforter--Holy Spirit--come than for Him to stay here. For this day I want to meditate on the words that Jesus gave to his inner circle, and I want to think on His prayer for us, John 17:21.... Come Lord Jesus---Be Blessed---c

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