Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Good Friday. Good Friday for all who believe in The Way, The Truth and The Life---Jesus. To continue my thoughts for the week, what was Jesus doing that Friday morning? We can find an account of this in John chapter 18.
Verse one of chapter 18 says that after the last supper and the out-pouring of the Will of God, Jesus and the disciples went for a walk across the Kidron valley. We don't see that Jesus slept at all. He is arrested during the night and goes to trial before the High Priest and that trial ended in the early morning (John 18:28). We don't know how long exactly that Jesus had been awake before going to trial, but he was wholly man and fatigue had to be setting in. We see that He fully realized(Jn. 18:4) all that was going to happen to Him. Maunday Thursday ran into Good Friday. No rest. So as I awake this morning, Jesus had already been awake for probably 24 hours straight.
I wake up rested and while I was asleep, Jesus had poured out The Father's Will, been betrayed, been denied by his main man--3 times, sweat blood, prayed for every believer in the world, lied about, rejected by the officials of the people he came to save, and turned over to the government and put a soldier's ear back on!! Good Friday has just begun. What a Savior we have. I give Him all praise!! Be Blessed---c

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