Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Press Conference

Today Obama is giving a press conference on the state of the US economy. I pray that he speaks the positive words that our country needs to hear. It seems that whatever the media says the country follows--right or wrong. We as Christians need to speak the word over our country, economy, and president.

Mark tells us that as believers our words have power. Faith and words produce whatever we say. I think that we have been double minded in this. I Corinthians 6:11 says that we have been cleansed...we have been right with God by what Jesus did. In James we find that our mouth says blessings and curses How? We say what the word says but we believe what the news media pours out. Or we believe Gods word and say what the media says. We recieve the Gospel and allow the Church to put us back under the law. Double minded!

I think of the old western movies where the indian said "white man speak with fork-ed toungue." We cannot speak what the news media gives us and believe God and expect any results. We need to say what God says And Believe what He says. Faith and our words must agree to bring fruit. And Don't Give Up! I say to the barriers of economic properity be you removed and cast into the sea. I thank you Father for Your Word!

---Be Blessed---c

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