Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Beth Moore

I was watching James Robinson today and he has Beth Moore on every Wednesday.  Sometimes she can get on my nerves a bit.  She is a little high strung, but she was talking about the blessing of Asher, and said something about Grace that really struck me.  "When you psychologically understand that you have received Grace then you can give Grace."
If this statement is true, and it is, then if we have NOT mentally and emotionally experienced Grace, then we CANNOT give Grace.  If we believe that God is waiting to punish us, then we look to pass along the punishment.  BUT if we believe that God has made us right with Him through Christ by Grace then we can pass along along that Grace to others.  I hope that I am not walking on an older post (laughing) here but that is what I was getting at when I sited Psalms 32.  "Oh what joy for those whose rebellion is forgiven, whose sin is put out of sight!"  This is why I laugh, and this is why I can give undeserved forgiveness for wrong done to me.  Give.  Freely have you received so freely give.---Be Blessed---c

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  1. Freely you have received...

    A friend has as her facebook biline - "Want to get rich quick? Count your blessings."


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