Sunday, May 3, 2009

God is Awesome in this place

I have to post this from a brother in Christ newly added to our fellowship at Evangel Christian Fellowship
What a wonderful Sunday Service this day of May 2nd, 2009
God is so good. We had a woderful chruch service. So good that I wanted to make mention of it. I got there late (only 5 minutes) and felt that I was missing out on the praise and worship. Little did I know what God was going to do today. I have been saved since 1979. It was at South Hills Assembly of God. I attended that church until sometime in the early 1990's. It has been quite some time since I had participated in a church that had the outflowing of God's Holy Spirit in that same way. This is not to take away from the churches I and my family have attended since that time until now. Each one had something that was unique. I have longed for the supernatural working of God in the church services I have attended since then. During praise and worship the praises of the congregation was like a wave of praise flowing from one side of the church to the other. The gifts of the baptism were openly excercised. A word of knowlege fitly spoken, healing, prophesy, and so on were abundant. I have had glimpses of that since then. When I moved to South Carolina I remember driving past a chruch not far from where I am living. I felt God telling me to go to it. It was like a magnet pulling me to it. I did go there and was blessed. I tried to look around for another church to attend and found that God did not want me to do that. I am so glad that I listened to Him. The church services have been what I had been longing for. Last Wednesday night it was awsome. For someone who has not known what it is like to feel God's move in a service I will try to describe it. While singing the songs I am overcome with joy in knowing He loves me. Feeling peace as I begin to think on things that have me bound and asking God to take care of my cares. To release those things to Him to let God be God! Wenesday was awsome. No one wanted to leave after the service. We all stayed and talked to each other. Sharing what we noticed during the service, what God had done for us at that moment. "To God be the glory!" has been my thoughts lately.

Today Pastor Wayne never got to preach the message he had prepared. Instead it was a time of prayer for members of the congregation, a time of praise, people sharing how God had moved in thier lives, a time of joy, a time of recomitment for some. God is moving in that place. Something speacial happened for me today. Actually two things happened of significance in regard to myself. I have gifts that I received from God when I received the Baptism in the Holy Ghost. I have the gift of prophesy, it scared me so much when I received it that I did not excercise it. I know now that I have this for God's purpose and need to be faithful. However that is not what I wanted to share. I was speaking quietly in tongues today. It was not loud as I was not sure if it was for interpretation. As I was speaking I felt impressed that I should speak louder. However, I did not (I wondered about that too). Not mroe than a minute a man in front of me gave the interpretation. Wow, I have never experienced this for myself! Ok, so you can read this and possibly doubt, why do we deny His works when God moves in this way?

The second thing that I wanted to talk about is that a woman who does not know all of the details of our move to South Carolina had a word from God. She looked right at me and said, "God has told me to let you know that the devil has been meddling in the affairs of your move and that it will no longer be so." Then the pastor told everyone about the delays with the paperwork and the septic system problems (much of this I shared with him yesterday at the men's fellowship). I am convinced that God is truly interested in the details of our lives. This is the confirmation for me that it will be ok. I had been praying about the closing date on of the homes this week.

The presence of God was aparent at church today. It is still with me even hours later and I don't want to do anything to cause this moment to go. Just to spend time with Him. Wow, let God be glorified in this note to anyone who is in need of encouragement today. May you also be blessed in your life. Seek God he is not far away.



  1. I bear witness to this service. It was AWESOME!
    what a great God we serve.---Be Blessed---c

  2. Best service we've had in a long time!!


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