Saturday, May 2, 2009

Purpose of Christ

Romans 14:9  "Christ died and rose again for this very purpose, so that He might be Lord of those who are alive and of those who have died."  He has it covered.  Heaven, earth, living and dead Christ said that the Father gave Him the command to take up life again after death has come. (John 10:18)  The only thing that is not here is what is "Lord".  Wikipedia:

In religious contexts Lord can also refer to various different gods or deities. The earliest uses of Lord in the English language in a religious context were by English Bible translators such as Bede. This reflected the Jewish practice of substituting the spoken Hebrew word 'Adonai' (which means 'My Lord') for YHWH when read aloud.

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, the etymology of the word can be traced back to the Old English word 'hlāford' which originated from 'hlāfweard' meaning 'bread keeper' or 'loaf-ward', reflecting the Germanic tribal custom of a chieftain providing food for his followers.[1]  

Bread Keeper. John 6:13 The number of commandments in the Old Covenant (613) tells us that

there were only 5 (the number of grace or redemption) loaves of bread, but after everyone had ate their

fill there were 12 (number of wholeness) LEFT OVER! The symbol of Christ body sacrificed-bread-

was broken and given and given till everyone was full and there was still enough to do it again and again.

switch around the numbers and you get John 3:16..For God so loved the WORLD...!

HIs Grace is sufficient!---Be Blessed---c


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  1. By the way, Christ was born in Bethlehem which means house of bread, and the most of John chapter 6 shows Jesus as the Bread of Life---Be Blessed---c


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