Thursday, September 17, 2009

rights of the believer VI

I really enjoy this right a lot. Through Christ Jesus we have the right to have JOY! When everything is going wrong around us we can have JOY! JN 16:24 "...Ask, using My Name, and you will receive, and your joy will overflow." This is not happiness--happiness is dependent on circumstances. Joy is not dependent on what is going on. Joy IS because Christ has finished the work.
I know when I first received the impartation of His Joy. I have an older post called laughing and you can read the story there. When I get down, all I have to do is think about what Christ did for me and Joy comes. Jesus came down here and lived in the same flesh that we do. He went through the same problems that we do. He experienced every heartache, hardship, burden, etc. at the Cross when he took on ALL sin from Adam till the end of the world and HE IS GOD--for me? He would have come if it was just for me? This is too ridiculous to take in and I have too have joy. God loved me enough to do this for me. That gives me great joy. PS 32:1,2 "...What joys when sins are covered over!.." We have the right to have joy and we just need to remind ourselves of our salvation in order to stir up that joy---refer to right # 1---be blessed---c

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