Monday, November 23, 2009

if i had only known

If I had known what I know now, how different I would (maybe) have trained my children. When you grasp the true width and depth and height of God's love---I don't think that I would ever tell my child---you do this or I'm gonna... I don't think I can say this ever again because of the Revelation of The Father's Love. I can give credit to my wife (Brenda) and her mother Emma, her husband and our Pastor Wayne---Jack and Trisha Frost, Roger Gossnell--Andrew Wommack, Joyce Meyers, and right now I know that Joseph Prince is preaching THE GOSPEL of CHRIST JESUS! They all contributed to my Revelation, but It really just came to me when I asked for It.
If you spit on that bush---I'm gonna whip you good. Step around the corner and watch. That child will spit on that bush---even if he has to work up the spit! Maybe if I had said, "you know what? That bush right there does not grow as pretty if you spit on it." Step around the corner and watch. The child will not spit on the bush.
That is the reason for the New Covenant of Grace. It's His Love and our Faith in that Love that overcomes!---be blessed---c NO regrets--I am right where I need to be
PS: I got three really great kids!

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