Thursday, January 21, 2010

the word spoken and the spirit

It has been a while, but I've been through a lot. I have been watching a lot of Christian TV and have been impressed with this: It is The Word spoken and the Spirit that accomplishes. In Genesis God spoke the Word (Jesus) and the Spirit moved to accomplish it. We are formed in the image of God, to be like God. We must speak the Word and believe that the Sprit will accomplish what we speak. God did not doubt that when He said "let there be light" that light was going to show up. He knew that the Word would be accomplished by His Spirit. We have to be right there. So filled with the Father's Love for us that we KNOW--we speak Jesus and Holy Spirit will accomplish it. I would like to recommend God TV. Mark Stibbe was on the latest "I want More Conference" and he was awesome. I just received another dose of The Love of The Father.---be blessed---c

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